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Why choose Red Hot Pellets?

There are a lot of brands of wood pellets out there, so why choose Red Hot over others?

When it comes to heating your home, there are many options available on the market. Wood pellets have emerged as a popular and sustainable alternative to traditional heating methods, but not all wood pellets are created equal. Red Hot Wood Heating pellets are a top-quality brand of wood pellets that offer a number of advantages over other brands. Here are some reasons why someone might choose to buy Red Hot Wood Heating pellets over other brands of wood pellets.

Red Hot Wood Heating pellets are made from high-quality sawdust. This means that they burn hotter and longer than other types of wood pellets, which can save homeowners money in the long run. The pellets are also uniform in size, which means that they will feed into your pellet heater more efficiently and reduce the amount of ash produced.

Now for the technical stuff, Red Hot Wood Heating pellets are produced here in Australia, which means that they are subject to strict quality control standards. When wood pellets are made they are extruded in a DIE. Compressed wood pellets get heated up to over 80°C during this process. This temperature and extreme pressure plasticizes the lignin naturally present in the cellular structure of the wood fibre. The lignin acts as a binder and holds the pellet together – it acts as a natural glue. To achieve this outcome the equipment making the pellets needs to be precision-made to achieve the correct compression AND be able to be controlled to maintain the correct DIE temperature. This is important because it defines the mechanical density (M.D.) the pellet will have. A high M.D. will result in your pellets staying stuck together as a pellet and not ending up being a bag of sawdust after the long journey from manufacturer to consumers’ home.  Sawdust in your pellet heater auger can compress and burn out the auger motor. So poor quality pellets have a low M.D. and are not healthy for your pellet stove. Good quality pellet manufacturing equipment costs a lot of money, but they also make the best quality pellets.  RedHot pellets have been laboratory tested and have an M.D. of +98%. The highest M.D. available on the Australian market. 


Hardwood pellets have a denser energy value. Typically 17.5Mj/kg. Softwood is typically around 16Mj/kg. So about 9 – 10% more heating value.  A well-made softwood pellet is perfectly OK to burn in your pellet heater. Softwood pellets have a significantly higher ash content than hardwood pellets. Softwood is generally around 4 -5% ash whilst RedHot is less than 0.5%. This means that you don’t have to empty your ash pot and clean your heater as often when using RedHot pellets.

RedHot pellets are manufactured in NSW where there is an abundant supply of hardwood residue fibre. The quality of this fibre is simply first-class. Species include ironbark, spotted gum, bloodwood, blue gum, yellow stringybark and grey box. It is clean fibre with no contaminants  resulting in an excellent quality feedstock to make wood pellets.


Controlling moisture content during the production of pellets is critical. Too wet and the pellets will not compress(fun fact: water can not be compressed!). Too dry and they will not bind either. So having a production facility that has the ability to continually measure, control, adjust, record and repeat that process is important.  You can be sure that the RedHot pellets that you buy have been subjected to a strict & continuous quality control process. The technology RTG uses to manufacture wood pellets is world-class: from the accurate machining of the DIE to the automated packing and weighing system and having a robot stacking the bags accurately on a pallet all contribute to RTG making a true world-class pellet.


If you are genuinely interested in the anatomy of pellet making we are happy to arrange a factory tour for you when you buy your next tonne of pellets from the RTG. Come and see why we are passionate about making wood pellets.

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